How Do You Get 20,000 Stakeholders To Communicate With Their Legislators?

Simple, Contact PPC!

PINPOINT COMMUNICATIONS (PPC) provides the nation's premier grassroots lobbying communication services between stakeholders and their elected officials at the Congressional and State levels. Bar none!

The six major reasons our clients cite for choosing PPC over other service providers:

  • Each written communication piece (LOBBYWRITE™ CUSTOM LETTER, LOBBYGRAM™, LOBBYFAX™) is completely reformatted every time it is printed or faxed.
  • Advocate participation rates jump from a 2%-5% range, based on typical action alerts projects, to a 70%-90% range for PPC projects.
  • Our fees are below market rates, even though we provide superior products and services.
  • PPC's address-to-district match (LOBBYMATCH™) is exceptionally accurate.
  • Your organization controls the content of each letter, gram, or fax. This makes it easier for your supporters involved in letter projects to add personal anecdotes, which inevitably increases participation rate and impact.
  • PPC is extremely flexible, responsive, and enjoyable to work with. We treat every client as if they were our only client.

The primary reason most grassroots lobbying efforts fail is because the vast majority of your employees or other supporters (and there are more out there than you think) will not invest the time to write letters on your behalf, regardless of how much they support your position. So, if one of your major goals is to dramatically increase the number of people participating in your grassroots letter writing campaigns, then you should give serious consideration to LOBBYWRITE™. You will find our software to be nothing short of absolutely amazing.

Using LOBBYWRITE™ to generate hundreds and thousands of targeted letters, each unique in appearance, should garner about a 90% participation rate from employees or members. Additionally, community based supporters such as affinity groups, event attendees and the relatives of your employees simply adds to your impact and influence. Most strategies rarely take these important community based supporters into consideration due to the costs and barriers associated with reaching them. However, LOBBYWRITE™ helps you to overcome those barriers. The result is that LOBBYWRITE™ effectively gets the attention of elected officials and influences their decisions specific to your legislative agenda because they receive hundreds and thousands of original letters signed by their constituents. It is highly improbable that any two letters will be exactly alike.




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