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LobbyWrite™ version 3.11

Now you can test drive the power of LobbyWrite™ by downloading the LobbyWrite™ 3.11 Demo! 

You may first want to find out more about LobbyWrite™.

The LobbyWrite™ Demo is limited in the following ways:

LobbyWrite™ Feature Demo Version Limitation Full Version Limitation
number of letters per destination 5 1,000
number of total issues 5 1,000
number of address databases 10 10,000
number of addresses per database 20 4,000
number of additional targeted individuals 5 1,000
valid address zip codes 12007-12401 (in NY state) any valid US zip code
postal address correction & standardization none uses Mailers+4 CD-ROM software (provided with full version)
Accuracy of election district assignments 70% (based on 5 digit zip codes) 99% (based on 9 digit zip codes)

To install the LobbyWrite™ demo, use the "Demo" link below to download the SETUPEX.EXE file into a temporary directory on your computer, such as C:\TEMP\. Then from the Windows Program Manager File Menu, or Start Button (for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0), choose Run, and in the Command Line field type:


and hit ENTER. Follow all the installation instructions and all the files (except the manual) will be installed on your computer. Finally, select one of the two "Manual" links below to download a copy of the manual, which contains a very helpful tutorial to assist you in learning how to use LobbyWrite™.

Download LobbyWrite™ 3.11 Demo for Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98, & Windows NT (1.8MB)

Download LobbyWrite™ 3.11 Manual in Word 97 format (zipped, 120K)

Download LobbyWrite™ 3.11 Manual in Rich Text Format (zipped, 200K)

Once you download the LobbyWrite™ Demo, please let us know by signing our guest book
Thank You!!

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