General Overview

PPC specializes in generating a wide variety of customized written communications pieces that are either signed by or sent on behalf of advocates/stakeholders to elected or appointed officials at their capital and/or district office. Typically our clients, the sponsoring organizations, provide to us on disk: text letters, a list of targets, and the names and addresses of the advocates/stakeholders. From this point we do all the rest including performing the address to district match (LobbyMatch), laser printing the outbound piece, along with providing a wide range of mail fulfillment services from our central location. We also offer separate services including database management, on-site letter signing campaigns, fax-back programs, address to district matching and lobbying on the Internet using LobbyNet. In each case, we provide as much flexibility as possible and the client maintains as much control as they desire. If your organization has a particular grassroots lobbying need that we do not currently offer, let us know what that need is. We will develop the service for you. Nevertheless, our State Legislative and Congressional services are available for all 50 states.

  • LobbyNet 
    This is the world's premium interactive political advocacy written communication service that is accessible via the WWW... 
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  • Rapid Response Program
    PinPoint's Rapid Response Program can generate thousands of letters in only 48 hours...
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  • LobbyGram™ Services
    This service is similar to our Custom Letter Services. PPC generates telegrams that are mailed unsigned directly...
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  • LobbyCard™ Services
    Using our LobbyMatch technology, we laser print the front side of a postcard with the sender's elected representative's...
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  • LobbyFund
    Direct mail fund raising and membership development service, which helps you raise money for your grassroots initiative.
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  • LobbyFax™ Services
    This service is similar to our LobbyGram Services with the obvious difference being LobbyFaxes are faxed...
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