Other Services

Turnkey Custom Services
PPC can manage your entire project including designing the grassroots lobbying strategy, hiring a temporary lobbyists, drafting your text letters, managing a public relations campaign and contracting with a telemarketer, if necessary. This service is available on a limited basis. Please contact Stan Wright for further information.

1-800 Telemarketing Services
PPC is not a telemarketing company. However, we work closely with several telemarketing firms throughout the country. We would be glad to make a recommendation or manage your telemarketing. Please contact Stan Wright for further information.

Action Alerts Services
PPC will contact your members or advocates alerting them to a major event that may require them to take some form of action in support of your organization. Initial contact is made via fax, letter, gram, e-mail or telephone. Follow up contact is also available. This service is also available to organizations that have interest in areas outside of the political advocacy arena. Financial organizations, investment firms, manufacturers, and buyers clubs find this service an attractive and cost effective means of notifying their clients or customers of opportunities or events that affect them.

Database and Advocacy List Management
PPC cleans and standardizes client records in conjunction with performing LobbyMatch™ Services. Additionally, PPC generates numerous customized and standard reports based on the client's needs. Clients typically want reports linking demographic information with election district counts.

On-Site Letter Signing Campaigns
PPC leases its software for periods up to several months allowing organizations to conduct on-site political advocacy letter signing campaigns. It is appropriate for use at annual meetings, conferences, as well as county and state fairs. Some organizations will find it useful for empowering employees at the worksite. PPC can provide the staff to conduct the campaign should the organization choose not to staff it themselves.

Fax-Back and Advocate Interview Services
This service is designed for small business coalitions and chambers of commerce. Advocates respond to an issue-driven survey. The survey can be either distributed in paper form or conducted live over the telephone. It then serves as a basis for creating targeted custom letters. The letters, including the elected official matches and addresses, are faxed back to the supporter for editing, reproduction on their company letter head, and signing. PPC provides a solution that makes it nearly effortless for organizations to engage their business members in a letter writing campaign. This service eliminates the two major grassroots lobbying letter writing barriers: letter construction and address to district matching.


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